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Success Probability measures the overall likelihood of the business to be successful after fund raising. It is calculated based on:. Financial Stability metric is calculated using historic and projected information regarding the health and strength of the business based on the following components:.

Business Concept measures how the business can fit in its industry and gain market share. This metric is calculated based on:. Read More Invest Review. Read More Invest Invest. Description: The company primarily operates in the Software industry. A7fl was founded in a More Description: The company primarily operates in the Software industry. A7fl was founded in and is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL.

Additional Information: in just the last 2 seasons, the spring april-julyamerican 7s football league has grown to 16 teams and over k social media followers and over m views of our viral highlight videos with 21 live games distributed via national cable tv eleven sports : directvfiosuverse and online twitch and facebook watch.

Website: a7fl. Trending Companies. Success Probablity. Financial Stability. Intrinsic value of intangibles Other factors. Business Concept. Development Progress. Development Progress metric is calculated based on: The length of time the organization has existed The developmental stage of the company How quality is managed throughout the business in production, sales and customer support The way in which management administers the business Other factors.

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In a study of the brains of former NFL playersof them were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTEa degenerative brain disease that has been shown to result from repeated blows to the head. This is a futile effort, since as long as players are wearing modern day armor — in the form of heavy pads and helmets — they will always feel invincible enough to target the skulls of their competitors.

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The Solution. By removing helmets and bulky hard shell pads from the game, we believe the A7FL has created a league that can successfully avoid most head-to-head contact and the devastating effects it has on players while retaining the action-packed, fast-paced game football fans crave.

We have tweaked and honed our 7-on-7 football to be the ideal sports product for the modern era. We are currently based in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Baltimore where teams from within each city compete against one another during the course of a week season. The local element of our league increases fan devotion and drastically cuts down on travel costs. The Market. Our Traction.

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In addition to our 16 Northeast teams, we are poised to add a San Diego division for a total of 20 teams when our 6th season launches on April 19, The Business Model. Our business model is very much in line with that of other established sports leagues.

We are moving to ramp up our existing revenue streams, and in the future we also plan to derive revenue through franchising fees.

In fact, baseball-football doubleheaders are part of a longer-term strategy to attract team owners who also own franchises in other leagues. How We Are Different. The Vision. In the next five years, we plan to scale the A7FL. We envision teams across the country, including successful minor league baseball markets, retaining the local component of our league that our fans absolutely love. With this fold increase in the number of games each season, the A7FL will continue to leverage its strong social media presence to create bona fide stars out of our top players.

We also plan to be able to franchise our top 32 teams and capitalize on partnerships in gambling, fantasy and e-sports to further build our brand. Our Team. Korkusuz brings the experience of building a company and brand from the ground up, while DePaul is a model representative for the league, having lived the life of its players.

Isaacs saw massive similarities in the upstart football league to the early days of the UFC and decided to join up and assist in creating the future of yet another sport. Why Invest. As youth and high school football participation rates continue to decline and more and more NFL stars decide to retire early based, at least in part, on their concern for their long term health, something has to give. In our view, football needs a safer alternative - for players, for fans and for parents considering the safety of their young athletes.

You have the chance to be a part of a future-oriented league. We are football for the digital, online and shareable age.

WATCH: Pro football league with no helmets or pads

Join us and grab a piece of the action.All Rights Reserved. To start each half and after every score, the defending team will throw the ball off from their own 35 yard line. The throwing team will have 3 players and the receiving team 1 player. The player throwing the ball can get a running start but can not pass the 35 yard line. The 2 gunners must be set on the 35 yard line and can not leave util the ball is thrown.

The ball must travel a minimum of 40 yards to the 25 yard line and stay inbounds. If the ball lands in the end zone and has NOT been touched by the returner and has traveled the minimum distance the returner may down the ball in the end zone or choose to return it but it is a live ball. On Punts, there is no minimum distance needed, the ball can travel out of bounds and returners can opt for a fair catch or to not field the punt at all.

You can yell but cursing is prohibited. Offensive or aggressive trash talking or fighting will result in the suspension of your team or you. We will not tolerate any pushing or shoving after the play is over or any vulgar trash talk. Touchdowns will be worth 6 points. After a team scores they will need to complete either a 1 point conversion or a 2 point conversion.

A score from the 5 yard line is worth 1 point. A score from the 10 yard line is worth 2 points.

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Once the offense has selected their option it can not change no matter the infraction. For example, if there is a defensive penalty after the offense has selected to go for 2 it will still be a 2 point try after the penalty is assessed. Safeties player is tackled behind their own goal line are worth 2 points on yard field only. The defense will be awarded 2 points and the offense will have to throw off from their own 25 yard line on the next play.

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Mercy Rule If a team is leading by 7 Touchdowns 42 points at the start of the 4th quarter the game will be ended. Overtime Rules: In order to win you need to get a stop and a score.

An interception or fumble returned for a touchdown ends the game. Each team will have 1 time out with a 30 second play clock. The ball will be spotted at the 25 yard line with the ability to get 2 first downs sticks are up. Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs back to top.

Recently, the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, youth football-coaching rapper Snoop Dogg used Instagram to let the Connect with us. Penalties and Scenarios on Throw-Offs. The penalty for any of the below infractions will result in the returner lining up on his own 25 yard line with the ball in his hand instead of awaiting a throw-off.The A7FL, American 7s Football League, was founded in March of as the national league representing 7 on 7 no-pads tackle football, that is American 7s Football, which is played without hard pads and helmets.

Generally, athletes generally range from 18 to 30 years of age, must be 18 to play, and must sign an injury waiver. The A7FL field size is x 37 yards and does not utilize the field goal posts. The narrower field width increases the pace of the action with fewer men on the field making for vicious hits while the yard length maintains the grind. The quarterback has 4 eligible targets with 2 down linemen. Offenses can run bone or pistol, and there are no blitz restrictions for the defense. His high School football days were over — he had to quit college football due to concussions — and he just wanted to keep playing the game he loved but in a safer format so he was playing pickup games of tackle football anywhere he could find them.

In late he began to develop the format and rules for 7 on 7 no pads no helmets full contact football. InRyan DePaul was approached by lifelong friend, technology mogul, and serial entrepreneur, Sener Korkusuz, with the intention to elevate his new format of football to the major league level. Shortly thereafter the American 7s Football League was founded in Marchwith the goal to introduce the newly branded sport of American 7s Football to the world. In its first official season Aprilthe A7FL was featured in numerous online publications both nationally and internationally as well regional US television news.

Forbes discussed the business of this exciting sport of American 7s Football while Sporting News discussed the popular topic of concussions and traumatic brain injury posing, as a growing number of industry, medical, sports experts did, that football without helmets is the safer alternative to traditional NFL style football.

A7FL continues to expand nationally across the United States with plans to develop national metro areas within the coming years. The partnership continues through to gather multi-year data for further research and follow-on studies. In the A7FL entered into a strategic partnership with 2nd Skullmaker of soft padded headgear, in a sponsorship to equip players in the A7FL with blow softening skull caps for incidental contact protection.

In the sponsorship continues in a major milestone naming 2nd Skull the official headgear of the A7FL and optional equipment for all A7FL athletes to take advantage of. The league has just added UFC Co-Founder David Isaacs to its ranks and is poised for further growth with the upcoming launch of its sixth season — April 19, Recently, the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, youth football-coaching rapper Snoop Dogg used Instagram to let the Connect with us.

About A7FL. A7FL season runs from April to July. Meet The Team. By A7FL Staff. By Josh Davis. By Evan Barnes. News Invest in the American 7s Football League. Close this module.

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Hey, wait! Learn More.Launched inits games are played without football helmets or other protective equipment. Founded in with play commencing the following year, the A7FL plays an eight-game schedule running from March to June. A7FL players play without pads or helmets as part of what the league describes as an effort to reduce the potential of head injuries resulting from helmet-to-helmet contact. InTwitch acquired the exclusive United States and international rights to a game package of the season including the playoffs and championship.

Isaacs said, "Removing equipment to make any sport safer seems counterintuitive and we faced similar issues when we launched the UFC and created the sport of mixed martial arts. With the A7FL, football can be safer but still thrilling full-contact competition. I can't wait to get started. Athletes playing in the A7FL are required to sign a player injury waiver and be 18 years of age or older. Once expanded to 32 teams the league will be structured around eight groups divided into two divisions.

The teams play each other twice in the group stages with the top two teams going forward to a divisional championship. The winners of the divisional championships will play each other to decide the winner of the championship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Albert Lea Tribune. Retrieved August 5, Think Progress. Retrieved September 10, Retrieved July 30, The Sporting News. May 28, Foot Ricain. May 11, Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved August 21, Archived from the original on August 4, March 25, Retrieved June 20, August 16, Categories : American football leagues in the United States.

Official Rules of A7FL Football

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Register a free business account. Developer info info a7fl. Generally, athletes generally range from 18 to 30 years of age. The A7FL field size is x 37 yards and does not utilize the field goal posts. The narrower field width increases the pace of the action with fewer men on the field making for vicious hits while the yard length maintains the grind. The quarterback has 4 eligible targets with 2 down linemen.

Offenses can run bone or pistol, and there are no blitz restrictions for the defense. A7FL season runs from April to July. Technical details Size: 2. Application Permissions: Help me understand what permissions mean. Minimum Operating System: Android 2.

Approximate Download Time: Less than 30 seconds.

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Especially while you're adjusting your shopping habits, it's a great thing to have printed out and in your purse or wallet:As you find products that you can eat, write them down.

That way, you'll save time at the grocery store instead of having to read the nutrition label every time.

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I didn't have anything like this when I ended up having emergency surgery, and my poor husband had some frustrating experiences trying to find things for me. Another issue you need to be aware of is cross-contamination. The simple act of putting a gluten-free bagel in your toaster can transfer small amounts of gluten to this previously safe food. If you live with people who don't share your diet, you really need to be careful. When it comes to cutting boards, avoiding wood is a good idea, since it's absorbent.

I use plastic, and I have one that's just for gluten-containing foods and one that's kept free of them. Same goes for your colander. To save on dishes, you can also prepare your food first and then re-use things for everyone else's. In my kitchen, you'll also find two butter dishes in use so I can keep mine from free from all those little glutinous crumbs that are transferred from the knife.

My butter is kept on a higher shelf as well, so my kids don't accidentally grab it. The toaster is an annoying one because it can be expensive. I considered two options: adding a second toaster to my kitchen, or buying a four-slice model with good separation between "their" side and mine. Because I don't have the space for two, I opted for a four-slice one. I get the two slots on the left, while everyone else uses the right.

Because gluten is responsible for the textures we're used to in baked goods, you may find that the things you bake with gluten-free flours just don't measure up.

I've even found mixes that end up dry and crumbly. Something that really helps is using xanthan gum or guar gum. They help bind the food together and have a better texture.



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